Principles of Distributed Software Systems

Topical Class Schedule

The topical units below outline the materials covered in Ser321. References and links to background readings, class notes, lab exercises, or study questions are included where appropriate to cover the unit's material. If you are taking the course in its 7.5 week online version, then each week you should cover two units. The 15 week version of the course covers a unit each week.

Here are the two textbooks that are referred to by chapters in the schedule below. I've had success finding both for free in pdf form online.

Unit 1: Linux

Unit 2: C++ & Java

Unit 3: Ant and Make

Unit 4: Serialization

Unit 5: Network and Sockets

Unit 6: Java RMI


  • Midterm review
  • Midterm exam

Unit 7: JsonRPC

Unit 8: Using FLTK

Unit 9: Java UI with Swing

Unit 10: Runtime Environment

Unit 11: Threads

Unit 12: Java Sockets


  • Final Exam Review
  • Final Exam

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