1.a Summary of Masters Projects and Theses Supervised

1.a.1 Darshana Jawle: iOS App for Web Camera and Weather

1.a.2 Kuei-Chen (Joanne) Ho: Eclipse Plug-in for AndGame

1.a.3 Brandon Zimmerman: Cross-Platform Mobile Development

1.a.4 Arnav Anshul: Dynamic Service Discovery and Call

1.a.5 Archana Raja: Mobile App for Medical Data with ODK

1.a.6 Shivani Nayar: Tailoring Mobile Data Collection Apps

1.a.7 Vivin Palliath: Agent-Based Modeling on iOS

1.a.8 Siddhartha Abburi: Android App for Medical Records

1.a.9 Kranthi Devineni: Android Web Service Proxy Generator

1.a.10 Venkata Naga Sunil Kumar Mukkavilli: iOS Web Service Proxy

1.a.11 Jing Leng: Android App for Emergency Crowd Sourcing

1.a.12 Shashank Balasubramanian: Integrating Mahara and CISA

1.a.13 Lakshmi Marmothu: LINQ in .NET

1.a.14 Dhivyaa Govindasamy Krishna: Web Service Registry

1.a.15 Sonal Bhatt: Question and Answer System with Text to Speech

1.a.16 Michael Lowe: iPhone App Supporting Vertebrate Ecology Studies

1.a.17 Tengda Wang: iPhone Application for Sharing Incident Information

1.a.18 Seema Talele: Framework for Social-Ecological Games

1.a.19 Joy Song: Student Grading System with ASP.NET

1.a.20 Shankar Venkatanarayanan: 2D Games for Learning Programming in Objective-C

1.a.21 Vidhya Sampath Kumaran: Course System for Accreditation

1.a.22 Lekshmi Sudha: Web-Service Security

1.a.23 Yihuey Li: Runtime Performance of Java on Smartphones

1.a.24 Krithiga Priyadarshini: Process Management Console

1.a.25 Roochi Sahni: Developing WorkTrak Web Services

1.a.26 Sujatha Sundaram: WorkList Handler for Workflow Management

1.a.27 Xiaomei Liu: Email Application for Limited Devices

1.a.28 Sateesh Ayyagari: Distributed Computing Using .NET

1.a.29 Vijayalakshmi Shanmugam: Applications in Bioinformatics.

1.a.30 Wendy Lee: The Madison Framework for Connecting JINI with Mobile Devices

1.a.31 Yuanli Wang: Building a Java PDA Client

1.a.32 Pei Lin Lee: Transactions with JINI and JavaSpaces

1.a.33 Kun Song: Analyzing Transactions-JINI and JavaSpaces

1.a.34 Radha Mahakali: Security for Wireless Devices

1.a Summary of Masters Projects and Theses Supervised © Tim Lindquist 2013
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